Smoked Ham - approx 3.5 kg.

479 RMB for customers in Xi'an

579 RMB for customers outside of Xi'an

Thanksgiving Turkey

AriztiA Brand Frozen Turkey - approx 7-8 kg.

749 RMB for customers in Xi'an

849 RMB for customers outside of Xi'an

Prices include delivery.

Get a Smoked Ham or Turkey for this Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Jinkou! Make sure you have a smoked ham or a turkey to share with your family and friends. We have imported turkeys from Chile and delicious smoked hams from China to help make your holiday dinner one to remember.

To book a smoked ham or turkey complete the form on this page. Please order in advance to allow proper time for preperation and delivery. Please allow at least a week for preparation and a few days for delivery. Two weeks is a good window to give yourself to recieve the ham or turkey in plenty of time for your preperation. These hams and turkeys are frozen and you will need to receive them a few days before you plan on cooking them to allow them to thaw.

We do need to receive full payment in advance, so once you have filled out your information, we will get in touch to arrange payment. If you are experiencing any problems, please contact us directly at 029-85454447 or fill out our online form here

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